We’ve been receiving a lot of questions about what secure fire protection includes and who needs it so we decided to put together this little guide to explain it. We’ve broken it down into three sections so you can easily skip to the bit that best matches your query:

What Is Secure Fire Protection?

Secure fire protection is a blanket term that covers any measures or equipment that you have within your home or business to help prevent damage or injury in the event of something going wrong. It also covers any certificates you may hold in this department, any training staff have underdone and any renovations made to the property in order to offer protection.

Who Needs Secure Fire Protection?

While it’s a good idea for everyone to have secure fire protection, it is legally required for any building that is not considered a home or primary residence. A yearly certificate must be submitted to the relevant authorities proving that your building is up to standard and consequences can be severe if this is not the case.

What Kind Of Services Are Included In Secure Fire Protection?

secure fire protection services

Secure fire protection generally falls into one or more of the five categories below. As a general rule, you will need all five if you are required to be compliant with legislation. Those looking to care for their their own property will mostly focus on the installation and maintenance of equipment.

Safety Inspections 

In many cases you will be required to have your building inspected on a yearly basis in order to remain compliant. This must be carried out by a registered and certified secure fire protection service provider. The good news is that ensuring compliance also helps ensure safety so you’ll be in a good position to react well if anything does happen.

Compliance Confirmation

Speaking of ensuring compliance, simply having your building inspected isn’t enough. Those who run commercial operations will, in most cases, need to submit a certificate that proves that their location is up to code. Your secure fire protection service provider will be able to supply this certificate once you have passed inspection. If there are any changes that need to be made to your premises, these will need to be completed before a certificate can be issued, so we suggest leaving yourself plenty of time if you have any concerns. 

Equipment Installation 

Extinguishers, blankets and other equipment that can help deal with any negative situation that may arise are highly recommended in domestic dwellings. They are also required in commercial ones and any other premises. Staying on top of the installation of these items and ensuring that you have a sufficient amount to cope with anything that may happen greatly improves the safety of your building whether it is a home or an organisation and means you’ll be better prepared for anything from a small stove top accident through to larger problems. 


Buildings don’t look after themselves and over time maintenance will be required to help ensure that they’re not a hazard to themselves, other building around them or the people who live and work within them. Regular inspections help you keep on top of this maintenance and your secure fire protection service provider will be able to recommend what needs to be done (and who can help do it). You’ll also need to ensure that you’re maintaining your equipment properly as if it doesn’t function, it’s basically a decoration.

Staff Training

Finally, if you run a business or organisation, you will probably need to train staff. Your secure fire protection service provider will be able to assist with this and can let you know exactly what kind of training your staff need. 

So there you have it, a guide to secure fire protection, hopefully this piece helps answer any questions you may have.