If you are renovating or building your dream house and looking at flooring options, hardwood timber must have crossed your mind. The elegant, warm aesthetic of these ageless floors adds a unique beauty to any property. Stepping on a hardwood floor feels like stepping onto luxury. There is a sense of history and nature blended into the wooden floors, which is inescapable. However, you might have also stumbled upon the cost of these floors and taken a step back from committing to them. This article will discuss the pros of investing in hardwood timber floors for your house.

  • Ageless beauty
    The first and foremost advantage that hardwood floors bring is their ageless, classic aesthetic of luxury and sophistication. The house immediately feels bigger than it actually is. Simultaneously, the warm visuals of a hardwood floor make the place appear cozy and comfortable. You feel safe and at home.
  • Low maintenance
    It is true that hardwood floors come with a price tag that is hard to swallow. However, if you add up the cost of maintenance and replacement of laminated or carpeted floors over the years, the initial investment into hardwood would not seem too bad in comparison. Hardwood floors, if well taken care of, can last up to a hundred years! They do not need to be replaced if one plank has an issue, like a hole in a carpet would make you do. Rather, you can simply replace the plank or just recoat it. In case of scratches, you can sand or grind the wood, and recoat it to return it to its original beauty. The low maintenance over the years, the lack of need for replacement, and the ageless aesthetic of the hardwood floor justify any additional initial investment into it.
  • Healthy alternative flooring
    Hardwood floors do not attract parasites and bugs like carpets might do. They are also easy to clean any spills off of. One wipe with an anti-bacterial cleaner would do the trick and keep your floors safe and healthy for your family. If you have a child who is prone to allergies, a hardwood floor would be the healthiest anti-allergen flooring. They also prevent any molds or animal dander and are eco-friendly. Moreover, since they do not attract any mold, they do not absorb or spread any unpleasant odors as well.
  • Easy installation
    With hardwood floors, you can easily install an underfloor heating system. This system will evenly spread out the heat in the house and keep it warm. You can directly install your hardwood floors onto concrete. If you are using 5/16 inches planks, it can sit on top of concrete easily.
  • Eco-friendly
    Hardwood floor is biodegradable. Even if you decide to remove or replace it, it is not harmful to the environment. Moreover, you can buy hardwood harvested through sustainable environmental practices. Or you can use reclaimed hardwood from old houses. If you are enthusiastic about going green, hardwood floors are a good commitment to make.

While hardwood floors bring with them many advantages, we do not recommend you use them in rooms with high moisture and humidity such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Moreover, it would be advisable to keep checking the floors for any termite infestation. Tap on your wood and if you hear a resounding sound indicating hollowness, you might have termites. It is advisable to get them removed as soon as possible.

Apart from these considerations, hardwood timber floors can add to the elegance and beauty of any home and are certainly an investment worth making.