The construction field requires numerous processes until the completion of a structure. For a construction to be complete, processes such as painting (interior and exterior) and applying special finishes require high structures. In this case, workers should be working at great heights to work on all parts of the building. Therefore, they need something to elevate them at every stage of the building to apply various finishes. The structure that enables workers to work on high points of a building is called scaffolding.

What is Scaffolding?

Also referred to as a scaffold or staging, scaffolding is a temporary platform used by construction workers to reach high points on a building. Builders and painters require a scaffold to get to the hard-to-reach places in a building.

Uses of Scaffolding

The scaffold structures are useful in various places besides construction. They are also used in building maintenance (like washing or repairing the windows), constructing bridges, and shooting movies. Read on as we elaborate on how the scaffolding is used in various applications.


The most common application of a scaffold is in the construction field. This temporary structure, as mentioned, enables construction workers to reach high places while working. The structure provides a stable platform to ensure the workers stand on without the fear of falling. What’s more, scaffolding allows both workers and their materials to stand safely. Scaffolds are essential during the construction of skyscrapers and other high structures.


Ever wondered how the windows of a tall building get clean from the outside? Well, the simple answer is using a scaffold. The workers simply set up a scaffold to enable them to reach the high points of a building and start cleaning. Also, in this case, the structure can accommodate both the workers and their cleaning materials.

Industrial Inspections

Inspectors use scaffolding to enable them to inspect hard-to-reach areas like big industrial boilers and pressure vessels. They mainly use these structures to access high areas and conduct different testing procedures for maximum inspection performance.

General Maintenance

Again, inspection is required for high buildings and skyscrapers. And to achieve results, you will need a scaffold structure. After inspecting the building and identifying that it requires repair work, the same scaffolding will be used to enable workers to repair areas presenting defects.

Movie Shooting

During a movie shooting, the crew handling the camera is required to work from a high point to ensure better results. And in this case, scaffolding comes in handy to enable the camera to capture points at height.

What is a Scaffold Made of?

The scaffold features numerous parts that keep it stable.

  • Standards is a framework consisting of vertical members that get support from the ground.
  • Ledgers are tubes that include a case block fixing device at the end. The tubes are placed horizontally between two standards to identify the scaffold bay length.
  • Braces connect transversely to the standards.
  • A putlog is a log-like structure that connects the ledger and the wall through the hole made on the receiving end of the building.
  • A transom is part of a ledger and putlog which both ledgers support.
  • Bridles bridge an opening in the wall of a building.
  • Boarding acts as a horizontal platform that supports workers and materials.
  • A Guard Rail is an installation with the same level as a ledger used for protecting the workers against falling sideways.
  • Scaffolding ladders enable workers to climb up and down the structure with ease.
  • Wheels found at the bottom of the structure enable smooth movement of the scaffold.

When you see tall buildings that are well-painted and decorated, you will understand that a scaffold was used. Knowing what scaffolding is, enables you to understand its uses.