At one point in your life, you are probably going to need the assistance of an emergency plumber in Wellington. Sometimes the situation is so time-sensitive that it just can’t wait and you need a plumber in Wellington to come straight away, like a burst pipe for example.

An emergency plumber in Wellington can be on your doorstep as soon as possible, at any time of the day or night. Issues with plumbing can escalate very quickly and can cause major damage to your property. This is why it is important to call a reliable emergency plumber in Wellington to get the issue solved quickly and properly.

Have a read on below at some of the major reasons you need to call an emergency plumber in Wellington:


Burst Pipe

As explained in the introduction, if there is a burst pipe at your place you are going to need an emergency plumber in Wellington straight away. Water can do a lot of damage, so you need to ensure you hire an emergency plumber in Wellington that is nearby. Precious minutes can really limit the damages bill.

If you have a seriously burst pipe, it could be a good idea to turn off the water supply, if you are able to. This way you are limiting the overall water damage to your property. A burst pipe can also cause flooding and damage your belongings and not just the overall structural integrity of your property.


No Hot Water

Plumber in Wellington setting up a central gas heating boiler at home

This may not necessarily sound like a problem for an emergency plumber in Wellington, but once you hop into the shower only to realise that there isn’t any hot water, you may think differently. There are many reasons what your hot water system doesn’t work and it can be difficult to pin down the problem.

If you can’t resolve the issue yourself, then you might need to call in an emergency plumber in Wellington to take a look for you. You don’t really understand just how much you need hot water until it’s gone. Things like washing dishes and clothes all usually require hot water, so you wouldn’t be able to go with hot water for long.


Sewerage Issues

If you find there is sewerage back up in your property, it can be quite an uncomfortable smell. No one likes the smell of sewerage and therefore needs to be fixed as soon as possible. There are a number of different reasons why you would be having sewerage issues; there could be a broken pipe, blockage, tree root intrusion, etc.

If you leave this issue for even a couple of days, it could have long lasting impacts, not to mention the smell that would be incredibly hard to get rid of. So, make sure you get on the phone and call a near by emergency plumber in Wellington right away. The longer you leave the problem, the greater the potential it is to get much worse.


Toilet Water Overflow

An overflow in toilet water is usually caused by a blockage in the pipe. Due to the nature of the toilet water, it is likely to be contaminated and therefore needs to be addressed as soon as you see the issue, no matter what time it is. Not to mention, that if the issue is particularly bad you could do damage to your property.


The water could carry viruses or bacteria, which could have a negative impact on your health. One of the bigger issues is that there could be more damage; you just can’t see it yet. So, a plumber in Wellington should certainly be called right away, hopefully they will be able to pin point and resolve the issue quickly.