A lot of people will just install their rooftop solar system and forget about it, but this can be a costly, and wasteful approach. Not monitoring your solar system is risky, it means you could one day find yourself with a nasty surprise bill after realizing that your solar system has actually suffered a fault and not been working for several months, meaning you’ve been on the power grid the whole time. When it comes to solar energy use, monitoring is key and it’s the best way to maximize the technology.

That’s where Smappee comes in. Whilst most solar installers will recommend a basic inverter (usually for a hefty fee) to keep track of information about your solar production, you’ll find they won’t give you any real information about your consumption behavior and patterns and won’t have the data you need to optimize your use of your solar system.

Systems like Smappee help you to maximize your energy use and therefore your savings by helping you to monitor your rooftop solar panels and usage patterns.


Optimizing your energy use

Peak hour electricity tariffs can be expensive and are one of the reasons why many people choose to opt for solar energy. Unfortunately, a lot of people miss out on optimizing the potential of their solar systems. A smart energy management solution like Smappee allows homeowners to maximize the use of their solar panels by monitoring production and use as well as by controlling appliances and optimizing consumption, this helps to minimize costs.


Home energy monitoring vs. smappee

Not all home energy monitoring systems do the same thing and are capable of allowing you to optimize your energy use. Inverter systems will tell you how much solar energy you are generating, in addition, they will show you how much you are relying on the grid and how much you are exporting to the grid but they won’t show you the full picture. You won’t be able to see how individual appliances are using electricity. Smappee gives you a lot more data and control over your energy consumption.


Control over your appliances

Smappee app on a smartphone

One of the things that make Smappee superior to your average inverter system is that it is capable of monitoring individual appliances in your home and can help to manage them for better energy consumption. It can also manage the flow of your solar power generation, sending any extra energy to your smart appliance. Smappee is able to accurately identify the energy footprint of certain appliances using patented technology.


Users are able to get an overview of all of their energy consumption data through a mobile app or the Smappee dashboard which is simple to use and has an attractive user interface. The dashboard gives users a quick overview of how energy is being used and more control over individual appliances. Users can also establish particular rules, turning things on or off based on time or based on how much solar energy is being generated. They might for instance turn off the pool pump when solar generation drops or set the air conditioner to turn off when the solar generation levels aren’t high.

The device is quick and easy to install and is modular so it can be added to based on your needs to manage the flow of more devices in your home. This future proof device gives you more control and its uses and applications will no doubt grow as more smart appliances are added to homes and more energy-efficient products like electric vehicles become more commonplace in homes.