Purchasing a bong can be confusing, especially for those who aren’t experienced in smoking. Bongs or glass pipes come in different styles, sizes, and materials, making finding the right one a difficult and exhausting task. Picking the wrong one might still serve the usual purpose, but it’s way more than that. 

It isn’t just about getting the result of inhaling smoke in and out, but the experience. That experience stirs up one’s desire to own a bong. You should know that different bongs come with other effects. 

That is why you will want to ensure that whatever you decide to go for is something that provides the experience you seek and suits your needs. We are here to make your task easier for you, as we have highlighted certain factors to consider when purchasing bongs.

  •  Quality

As you check for reviews on their quality, go for one that would give you a smooth smoking experience. The best bongs are made of high-quality ceramics or pyrex glass which are very durable.

 It’s best that you also consider the thickness of the glass, as this makes it less likely to break when dropped mistakenly. Quality should be a priority as common attributes in the device makes it fall apart swiftly.

  •  Size

Another factor to consider when choosing bongs is their size. You might prefer either a small plastic bong or a large glass piece. A smaller type is best if you like to have it kept away or hidden most of the time. You could also choose a much larger one if you’d like.

This way, you could showcase your great taste in glass and increase your experience. With a larger bong you can take in many more clouds of smoke at once.

  • Cost

How much you are willing to spend on purchasing a bong is another factor. Bongs are either inexpensive or costly. The materials and sizes affect prices a great deal. So it would be best if you worked with your budget when buying these glass pipes and looked out for discount sales.

  • Style Of The Bong

Based entirely on your preference, you could go for beaker-shaped, multi-chamber, or straight tube bongs. Pick a style that works for you. You could go for simple designs that enable you to smoke outdoors and make smoking easier for you.

  •  How Easily Can It Be Cleaned

Different bongs have different ways of being cleaned. It is something you probably intend to use frequently. So, go for those you can easily maintain, and their clean-out procedure isn’t so difficult to manage. When the device is tricky to maintain, it leads to early replacement.

Whether it’s your first time using a bong or not, you should know several types available. Before buying a bong, factors that need to be considered range from the cost price, maintenance cost, style, size, and even quality.

So before making your purchase, ensure you choose the one that suit you. It should not only be for just a regular smoke but bring more enjoyment and enhance your smoking experience.