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On November 22, additional than 20 workforce of Samsung Electronics Maghreb collected in a room whole of black trolleys and Samsung cell units. Their mission: To set up Samsung Smart College and Ministry of Instruction-accepted instructional sources onto additional than 1,000 Samsung tablets, and pack the units into 100 ‘Education Trolleys’ that would be rolled out to general public educational institutions throughout Morocco.


To support introduce interactive digital finding out to lecture rooms throughout Morocco, Samsung Electronics Maghreb assembled ‘Education Trolleys’, packed with Samsung’s most recent cell innovations.


As component of its motivation to advancing general public education and learning and building a distinction in additional communities, Samsung Electronics Maghreb has partnered with Morocco’s Ministry of Instruction to deliver Samsung cell systems to educational institutions in towns and rural areas throughout the country by way of the “Let’s Make Samsung Technology Appear to You” initiative.


Each trolley incorporates 10 Samsung Galaxy Tab As for students’ use, as properly as a Galaxy E book 2-in-1 Computer system to support instructors direct interactive and partaking lessons that enable pupils to explore the world in a way that goes beyond the limits of physical textbooks. The trolleys’ portability helps make it uncomplicated for instructors to transportation the units from 1 classroom to a different and spread the gains of immersive digital finding out to hundreds of pupils.


By offering its most recent digital innovations to additional lecture rooms – and additional curious minds – Samsung hopes to stimulate the young children of Morocco to dream significant, so that they may get pleasure from a improved tomorrow.



Samsung Electronics Maghreb will announce the 100 educational institutions that will receive their individual Instruction Trolleys in the coming times. Samsung will also carry out a education session for the educational institutions early next yr that will exhibit instructors how to utilize the units and remedies in their lessons to support bolster students’ digital expertise.

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